Flight of Ideas

Today’s entry is a place-marker rather than a post. I’ve had this site since sometime in 2014, when I was inspired by David Eason’s blog Searchingforasong to begin a blog of my own. So, how twitchy do I have to be (speculate among yourselves) to have hesitated this long to commit words to . . . I was going to write “paper,” but surely it’s considered quaint, even retrograde, to pine for paper in these hyperspatial times.

By the way, I wanted a phrase from David’s blog to serve as a motto, but attempts I’ve made to create a motto in my header have failed. Any tips out there in blogodaria?

A couple of explanations. A space-marker is a survival tool when you’re my age, like a street sign reminding you where you are. Today’s entry is also a kind of/sort of commitment to come back–thus, the urgent need for a signpost that tells me I’m in the right spot. A word of clarification, too, about the title Flight of Ideas. I’m referring here not to the psychiatric symptom identified with schizophrenia but with the notion of “releasing” thoughts/ideas/opinions and that sort of animal to roam free in the fresh air and open spaces. 

Now that I’ve made my first shaky entry, I’m stepping out for a cup of coffee to steady my nerves. Be back in a jiffy (by old paper standards, at least).

Published by: DeanHove

Married, children, grands and great-grands. I have 3 sisters, all living in different states from each other and me. A couple of college degrees. Jobs all involved writing. I've counted them all up, the jobs I've held since I first bussed tables at 15: there were three in my teen years. Since then, I have held 8 full-time jobs, plus one long-term part-time job teaching college writing classes post-retirement. Haved lived in 8 states--I know, it does seem excessive. The relationship between jobs held and states lived in pretty much explains itself. If my cv seems vague/sketchy, it's because my blog is very much a creation of my critical faculties and my imagination--such as they are. If my writing seems "old-fashioned," it's because I learned . . . well, I'm in my 70s, a fact that pretty much explains everything. Except, perhaps, my progressive views. I'm with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who wrote: "I will not grow conservative with age." I also believe you shouldn't grow stupid with age. I think I live in the past mostly in my dreams, where I'm always late for class or with a work assignment. Which is odd, because I am punctual to a fault and cannot even imagine how people can procrastinate. Those two things aside, I have few virtues.

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